Innventa Energia offers engineering services in the wind, solar, small wind… providing an expert external vision coming out of the own experience in engineering projects such as: Solar FV engineering up to 1 MWm small wind certifications and business development for new innovative wind solutions.

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The service of independent external consutany offered by Innventa Energia is a tool that provide tot he companies all the experience and background adquired during more than 15 years in projects for important companies in the sector such as Iberrola, NGC, Gamesa, Ennera and most recently Enair, Synvertec and others.

Developed projects:

  • Development, manufacturing and certification of small wind turbines
  • Engineering and work management of 1MW solar PV plant
  • Development and simulation of controls for renewable integration into the electrical grid

This experience and the extense contact network in the sector allows to provide a complete consulting service to small wind, large wind and solar FV sectors.

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